Ori, 9 year old drumming student at MTMS, picks Utheory as his music lab nearly every week. Jacob, the attendant, has gotten accustomed to this but still asks his normal question: What do you want to do today for music lab?

UTheory is one music lab station. It has a lot of lessons and skills all arranged in a dashboard to find them easily. Your lab attendant may send you an assignment, and it’s interesting.

Ori’s words: It’s got videos and it’s fun.

He practices clicking proper rhythms and learning through guided exercises. There are chords and intervals and ear-training lessons. His MTMS teacher also has noticed that he picks up information and can bring it back to his drum lessons. It’s a fascinating process and it really has been helping him build a solid foundation to his drumming.

Have you tried UTheory? What’s your experience been with it?

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