Free Trial Lessons

Michelle Tuesday Music School is offering free trial lessons through June 1, 2022. Music lessons are available in our Gahanna and Lewis Center locations on most instruments and voice.

Email, text 614-418-7110, or complete our enrollment form to book your free trial music lesson today!

Subject to schedule availability.


Online Lessons Available

We are currently offering online lessons. Choose a sampler on this page or contact us via email ( or text (614-418-7110) to get started today.

Due to covid-19, we do not have access to our phone system to take your calls. We apologize for the inconvenience.


We are back in person and able to take your calls. In-person lessons are available with select teachers. At this time, in-person flute lessons are not available due to high covid-19 transfer risk associated with flute playing. Virtual lessons are available for all instruments and with all teachers.

Beach Recital Announcement!

Welcome to August. At the end of the month, we’re planning on having a Beach Recital at MTMS!

Along with the great music that every recital brings – there will be games and activities. Beach volleyball and beach bingo will be on the list of activities. Be ready to play dolphin ring toss and horseshoes. There will be prizes and a craft, too. We will be keeping our eye on the weather and keep you updated.

Graduating Seniors

MTMS has six graduation seniors who are leaving our staff for college this year. We’re proud to have had them and we wish them the best on their coming journeys!

Jonathan Rhymond worked as a music lab attendant in Polaris on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. He will attend OSU with a major in Data Analytics and Marketing.

Anna Calcatera worked as a music lab attendant in Gahanna on Monday and Saturday. She will attend University of Vermont with an undecided major which just might become biology.

Kimberlee Welch worked as a music lab attendant in Polaris on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. She will attend John Carroll University with a major in Biology, Pre-Med, planning to do Pediatric Oncology.

Christian Contreras worked as a music lab attendant in Gahanna on Monday and Saturday. He will attend Ohio University with a major in Music Education.

Trey Soards worked as a receptionist and music lab attendant in both locations. He will attend Ohio State University with a major in Materials Science and Engineering or Welding Engineering.

Danica Nelson worked as a receptionist and music lab attendant in Gahanna on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. She will attend Ohio State University with a major in Public Health.

July Themes

Music Composition: our theme this month is Interpretive Music! It has a lot to do with composers creating music that reflects the emotions they feel. Let’s see if you can convey all types of emotions with our composition project. Check out Music History during lab!

Music History: Interpretive is our Music History theme this month! interpretive music is a type of music which can have many meanings. The composer may for example use instruments which aren’t normally used as instruments. This music be used to invoke certain feelings as well. Overall, interpretive music is a way for composer to experiment and try different things. If you’d like to learn more, check out the music history for this month!

For Our Youngest Students: coming soon.

Abigail Voigt, Reception Lead

MTMS is excited for Abigail Voigt to begin as Reception Lead. She’s been with us for some time now, and she has done well in her time as receptionist. She’s hardworking and dependable and friendly. Abigail has been a teacher and an at-home parent, and her family has always been music-oriented, which makes her a great fit at MTMS. Congratulations!

Summer Playlist and Break!

Summer break starts today (4 July) and runs through the entire week. We will return to normal classes on 11 July! Enjoy your break and play your music for fun: pieces you’ve enjoyed in the past, pieces that remind you of what you’re learning, anything to be fun.

The MTMS Summer Music Playlist is out! Everyone worked hard and we’re happy to share the music. Enjoy!