Summer Music Plans

As the school year winds down, we’ve been to concerts and many other events with music. If you’d like to share photos or videos, we’d love to see them!

What are your current summer plans? How do you keep music fun and fresh in the summer while school is out? Don’t forget we have a couple summer camps, but it is a good time to think about what you want to do for the summer.

Need an idea? Try out a new genre to play. Pick out a song that your teacher can help you learn. Maybe it’s time to pick a new instrument that you’ve always wanted to try. No matter what your plans, music will carry you through.

Playing Music in a Group

Upcoming Rock Band Camp – a great time to try out all of these benefits – sign up for the week of July 15th from 12 to 4pm.

More social interaction: Being part of a musical group brings people together. This can help against isolation and depression. It encourages the members to overcome shyness. Also, bringing together a group of musicians increases cooperation between them.

Working with a teacher or a conductor brings new learning styles and techniques for the group rather than a single player. Listening abilities and communication skills are enhanced in the group setting. This is a great way to get exposed to new genres and new styles of playing.

Playing in a group can accelerate learning of techniques. It improves timing, rhythm, and focus.

If you’ve never tried playing in a group, start now. It’s a great way to begin a new musical journey.

June Theme: Mash-Ups

This month’s theme is hard to envision – mash-ups of music? But there are all kinds of music, and we love to find new ways to put it together.

Try this playlist if you’re ready to keep up with the kids: (256) MTMS June 2024 Listening Playlist – Mashups – YouTube If you’re not ready to keep up with the kids, remember that we’re all on our own music pages and also that exposure to new music can give your brain a good workout.

Enjoy these mash-ups, and see what it brings to your appreciation of the music you already know and love.

May Theme: Movie Themes

Many movies have a theme, a song that brings the experience to life and memory. This month the lab is exploring movie music themes. Some of them are old – think Wizard of Oz and An American in Paris, to more contemporary ones composed by John Williams.

Think about your favorite movie – what’s the song that brings that movie to mind? What’s playing in that moment where a main character gets the goal? The music binds together images to create the entire movie experience. Next time you watch a movie, pay attention to the sound and when these themes are woven into the storylines. Let us know what you think!