Online Lessons Available

We are currently offering online lessons. Choose a sampler on this page or contact us via email ( or text (614-418-7110) to get started today.

Due to covid-19, we do not have access to our phone system to take your calls. We apologize for the inconvenience.


We are back in person and able to take your calls. In-person lessons are available with select teachers. At this time, in-person flute lessons are not available due to high covid-19 transfer risk associated with flute playing. Virtual lessons are available for all instruments and with all teachers.

September Beach Recital 2021

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen closers, our September Beach Recital did not proceed as planned. We had to cancel the in-person recital. In response to this cancellation, we asked each of the students who signed up to participate to submit a video of them playing their recital piece so we could insert them into a compilation. Please watch said playlist below and revel in the music presented by our students.

September Themes

Composition in September: This month we are going to talk about national anthems. Learn about what makes them sound the way they do, and take a shot at writing your own. Don’t worry we have plenty of examples and techniques to help you out. And if you have any questions please ask your lab attendant!

Music History in September: All about national anthems – Read about what National Anthems are and what makes them sound like they do. If you have questions – your lab attendant is ready and waiting to help.

Do you know these countries? Can you find their anthems? Click here for help.

Welcome Luis Gonzales!

MTMS is happy to announce Luis Gonzales will be joining our team. Luis will soon graduate from Ohio Wesleyan University in Music Education. He has been student teaching for music in a few local schools, so it’s possible you’ll recognize him. His primary instrument is Double Bass, and he’s familiar with orchestra instruments and ensembles from elementary to high school.

Please introduce yourselves as he integrates into our team!

Summer Recital 2021 Weather Contingency

If it rains, then these are the instructions on how we will run the recital.

– If you have a student performing in the recital, please text 614-418-7110 when you arrive to check in.
– The recital audio will be broadcast via radio frequency at 100.1 fm to the vehicles in the parking lot.
– The MC will announce the current performer AND the next performer at the start of each performance.
– The current performer and their family/fans will be invited in via the front door.
– The next performer and their family/fans will wait outside the front door during the current performance. In Polaris, the next performer will wait for the current performer and family to leave before entering.
– Once the current performance is done, the performer and family/friends will leave via the front door (Polaris) / back door (Gahanna).
– Performers are invited to use the selfie station and do the activities.
– This will continue until all performances in a session are complete.
– Masks will be required of all staff and strongly recommended for audiences, but not required for performers.

Thank you for joining us at this recital and supporting our students!!