Outdoor Recital and Lab Contest

When you’re in the lab this week, stop by and enter our contest. We haven’t done this before, and we’d like everyone to try it. A lab attendant will help you input your entry if you need anything.

Mark your calendars, because August 28 and 29 we will have an outdoor recital! It’s probably going to be hot, but it’ll be great to see everyone. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. If we haven’t met you yet, this is a great opportunity. If we have, we’re going to see each other again! Get ready, because we’re going to do this and it’s going to be great.

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Joining MTMS, New Teacher!

Faculty & Staff – Michelle Tuesday Music School

Welcome, Daniel Miriti Pacheco!

Daniel joins us with a wonderful musical background. He has studied violin and viola from a young age. Also he has studied with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

Daniel’s love of music has led him to pursue more than just orchestral strings. He can teach piano, drums, and also guitars. He has participated in programs at Interlochen Arts Camp and Chamber Music Columbus.

MTMS welcomes Daniel and is very excited about his varied experience that led him here. He’s been teaching lessons for more than 5 years and we’re so happy he’s part of our school. When you see him say hello!

Daniel Miriti Pacheco

MTMS COVID Protocols

We have readily available hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes/spray, and soap everywhere. In each lesson room, we’ve installed a clear shower curtain liner to separate the teacher from the student. We’ve removed a large percentage of our lobby seating and ask parents of independent children to wait in their cars or drop off/pick up. Masks are required of staff, students and clients at all times except where it interferes with the lesson – for example, voice lessons or trumpet lessons – in which case the teacher/student are separated by the curtain or the lesson is conducted in our larger classroom, and they wear masks up until the point where it would interfere. We do have a music lab where students work on independent study under the guidance of a theory teacher, and we’ve reduced capacity in the room from 9 students to 4 students and separated the work stations with plastic divider walls. And most significantly, we offer online lessons, and since approx. 75% of our clients have opted to stay online for the time being, as well as about half our teachers still choosing to teach remotely from their homes, our overall traffic of people is significantly reduced from pre-COVID operations. Some days are busier than others, so if your schedule is flexible, we can find you a time with a minimum of people in the building, if that interests you.