Songwriting Camp

Ready to take a five-day journey to write a song? Of course you are! It’s a great way to start working with music and lyrics in a new way. It’ll also give you an appreciation for all the music you hear over your favorite streaming service. (Who listens to the radio anymore? AM, FM, XM – oh my!)

MTMS will introduce you to noteflight (where we do our compositions) as well as learning all the basics of songwriting. Words become lyrics and it is a lot like poetry to tell a story. Also there’s bits of songs that are important to understand, not just a verse and a chorus. There are specific places and times for the chorus, the verses, and all the other bits- intro, outro, bridge, and hook as well as what kind of tempo and notes are used. For example, if you use a key like E minor, you’re probably going to sound like you’ve got a blues song. But in a key like C major, you’re going to have a more upbeat sound.

One more cool thing about songwriting camp is that you get to work with others on your music and also on theirs. You get to experience the new songs and even collaborate with your fellow campers.

Someone sign me up, please! These kids are obviously in sync with it already.

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