Yes, we’re open today and Halloween is coming!

For today, Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day – we are open as usual. Please come prepared for lessons and all the other fun of a regular day at MTMS.

Halloween is coming! During Halloween weekend (Oct 28-30) MTMS will have so many fun activities. Friday is Gahanna’s adult-only recital, followed by Saturday Polaris recital, and Sunday Gahanna recital. Other activities include trick-or-treating from lesson room to lesson room, selfie station, a snack, and a craft. Rumor has it the lab may also be haunted for the weekend.

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Beach Recital Announcement!

Welcome to August. At the end of the month, we’re planning on having a Beach Recital at MTMS!

Along with the great music that every recital brings – there will be games and activities. Beach volleyball and beach bingo will be on the list of activities. Be ready to play dolphin ring toss and horseshoes. There will be prizes and a craft, too. We will be keeping our eye on the weather and keep you updated.

Abigail Voigt, Reception Lead

MTMS is excited for Abigail Voigt to begin as Reception Lead. She’s been with us for some time now, and she has done well in her time as receptionist. She’s hardworking and dependable and friendly. Abigail has been a teacher and an at-home parent, and her family has always been music-oriented, which makes her a great fit at MTMS. Congratulations!