Open Today for Lessons and Lobby Recitals

Many of us are out of school for President’s Day, but please note that MTMS is open as usual on Monday.

Lessons this week will be at their normal times. Your Lobby Recital will be during that time with whomever you’d like to bring with you. This will be a week-long recital at MTMS, and we hope you enjoy all of the different performers while you wait during your child’s lesson time. Also, there will be one on one time for the student to get pointers on their piece and what they will continue to work on.

May the music never stop.

Recital News

In two weeks, MTMS will have a lobby recital during lesson times.

Your recital audience will be who you invite with you during your regular lesson time, as well as whomever is generally there (with their audience). So bring Grandma and your other siblings to see your student show off their hard work.

This performance will not take longer than the usual lesson, and your student will have time to check in with their teacher as well.

Virtual students will be given a zoom link and that link may be shared with whomever you would invite to a recital.

Can’t Stop the Music: MTMS Values

At Michelle Tuesday Music School, we have a commitment to music and sharing that love with others. There are other values that shape our mission as a music school, and it’s important to highlight our dedication to our purpose.

Collaboration: We appreciate working together. Communication and support are at the top of the list, whether it’s toward clients, students, or each other.

Creativity: Unique expression of each individual is what we strive for – making space for our students and each other to be our own idea of ourselves.

Learning: We love to participate in the growth of our students and ourselves. Perseverance and discipline teach all of us to reach to new heights.

Community: The shared love of music and learning brings us together and keeps us returning every day and every year.

Are you new to MTMS? Give us a call. These are the values that shape our vision for the future, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll fit in with all of us.