Super Bowl Marching Band

If you didn’t catch the halftime show, here’s a replay: Video Ad (

If you did catch it live- I want to bring your attention to the Marching Band. Yes, that’s in our music lab theme and it’s really great that they gave us an amazing example of what a marching band can do (and actually the whole thing is pretty awesome).

So, that is Jackson State University Marching Band and they’re also called the Sonic Boom of the South. They spent ten days in Las Vegas to get ready for the halftime show, and I can’t say enough great things about them. Want to see more of their performances? Click here. They have 300 members, and you can see they work really hard.

February Theme: Marching Band

This month in the music lab check out the stations for Marching Bands. If you didn’t know, OSU has the largest band in college football with 228 members. Local high schools also have marching bands, perhaps you’ve seen them at the games.

Marching bands make interesting shapes and move during the music. Below are a song and a show done by Marching Bands to give you a good idea of what the students are learning.

Winter Benefit Concert

On Sunday, January 21, the annual MTMS Winter Benefit Concert will happen from 3-6pm at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 4456 Morse Rd, Gahanna. Your entry fee for the concert is to one non-perishable food item for GRIN (Gahanna Residents in Need).

This concert will be set in one-hour afternoon sessions. Our students will delight friends and family alike with their hard work and great music – you don’t want to miss this exhibition. MTMS is extremely proud of every student and the progress they make with their music. We will be cheering them on with you.

January Music Lab

The lab stations this month are focused on the Baroque Period of music. This era of music ran from 1600 to 1750. Many of our modern instruments hadn’t been invented yet, so we recommend a keyboard for the composition station for the recommended style “theme and variations.”

The theme at the time was often associated with the patron, and the patron would support the musician to create the music they wanted. So the theme was done, and then variations that sounded very like the theme would also be done.

The keyboard is a stand-in for the instruments normally used in the Baroque period: harpsichord, organ, clavichord. You’ll also find in the composition station the ornaments that were often used in the period – which are exciting, quick notes that are attached to a main note. These ornament notes were not scored like they are now, so it was up to interpretation how to play them at the time.

The listening station has a YouTube playlist, and if you want to listen, please click here.

The music history station will give all the information you want to know about the Baroque Period. Two of the most important composers were Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederic Handel. It will also teach the students about characteristics, ornaments, and new music styles connected the period. Ask your student about these things!

Enjoy the January music lab stations. We can’t wait to see what you think of them, and the music the students create from them.