Promotion to Teacher

MTMS Receptionist and Lab Lead Rachel Brennan is getting promoted to Teacher in July! Her teaching duties will still allow her to do some lab lead work. We’re very excited to see her in her new role.

Rachel works the Army National Guard and also is a Tour Guide for the National Veterans’ Memorial Museum. She’s also majoring in music at University of Akron. She’s excited to teach vocals and band instruments with MTMS.

New Teachers Pt 2!

Megan Unger: Teacher for strings and brass (and a few other things). You’ll see her subbing and over the summer. She teaches band, general music, and orchestra.

Eli Melko: New instructor for Violin, viola, cello, piano, saxophone. He’s been performing violin for many years and also conducts groups.

When you see them, please welcome them warmly to MTMS. We’re proud of all of our teachers. Bios will soon be available under Welcome>Faculty and Staff.

Welcome Our New Teachers!

Be sure to welcome our new teachers! Look forward to more new teachers next week! This information can also be found under Welcome> Faculty & Staff.

Ben King

Benjamin King is a musician/vocalist with 10+ years of experience. Ben has received his B.A in Music from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. He loves teaching and strives to help his students meet their musical goals. Several instruments Ben specializes in include: Guitar, Voice, Piano, and Bass Guitar. In his spare time Ben enjoys songwriting/recording and is an avid outdoorsman.

Sarah Nichols

I am a professional percussionist and educator who is proficient on the drumset, snare drum, and mallet instruments. I have received a bachelor’s degree in music education from The Ohio State University; during my time there I performed in many concert bands, jazz bands, and the Ohio State University Percussion Ensemble. I also observed and taught in multiple school districts around Columbus. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, was involved in band in school, and have now been playing music for ten years. I encourage students of all ages and skill levels to focus on solid fundamentals, proper technique, developing efficient practice strategies and most importantly; playing the music they love! I enjoy teaching a wide variety of music; from Classical to Rock, Jazz, Pop, and more. I will take into consideration every student’s own needs and passions to help them grow their skills and find joy in playing music.

May Themes

May Young Students Blurb:This month, we have some brand new spring-themed coloring pages for our young students! We also have songs for the young students to listen to that will teach them about John Williams, including Imperial Attack and Yoda’s theme from Star Wars!

Composition: For this month we will focus on John Williams. He is an American composer famous for his movie work. He uses a lot of orchestras in his music. Try it out if you’re interested.

Music History: John Williams is our Music History theme this month! John Williams is an American composer. He is famous for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He uses orchestral music a lot. If you’d like to learn more check out music history!

Playing Music at Events

Whether it’s a wedding or a funeral, a birthday or an anniversary, your student (or another student, if you prefer a specific piece or a type of instrument that your child isn’t into) may play at all sorts of events.

I know many times we ask the venue to hire someone, but never forget that there are opportunities for your student to share their music in different ways and at different times. Music is something that binds all of us together, and a small, intimate event might be the perfect spot to shine.

Other events might include religious gatherings, school events, or street fairs.

Once, in college, my friends and I couldn’t figure out the three-piece band in the elevator, but the paper picked it up as Elevator Music. They played with you to your destination. It was cute and fun, but acoustic instruments took up half the elevator. Music belongs everywhere and anywhere, and don’t be afraid to share your talents and skills with your community.