What Our Students Said About K-Pop

My son has been taking drum lessons from MTMS for years. He told my daughter he learned about K-pop music history, and she was jealous. We’re an online lesson family, so she could have listened to it, too, but she was too busy trying to sing K-pop karaoke with a friend over the webs and complaining she couldn’t sing in Korean (I corrected her to Hangul, thanks music history lessons!).

Other comments:

Korean lanuage (Hangul) is the 7th most learned language in the world. Some songs have Spanish in them.

There are lead dancers. They play fast and the music goes low and high, and we don’t see the instruments. It’s a lot like American hip hop, and it is highly energized.

Groups have to be close-knit like a family to be successful. Many have colors and names for their fans. I didn’t know about how many different words are used like ship and bias that becomes a k-pop culture movement.

Did you listen to more K-pop because of this month? I did!

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