Survey in the Lab This Week!

Occasionally we ask our students questions and they tell us their answers. I like to give people a chance to respond here, too, and then report back about it next time on the blog.

What’s your favorite genre of music?
Show Tunes

While we know genres that aren’t included in the list, I encourage you to try these if you’ve never, and rank what you like for yourself or what you listen to with your kids, or what you put up with in a public space versus what makes you want to leave right away. Music is everywhere (and I love it) but we don’t all react to all of the music in the same way. I guarantee if I hear Christmas music in July in my kid’s room, I’m not going to stay too long. I linger longer if either kid is practicing an instrument, however.

Enjoy the day, enjoy the music, and let us know what you love to listen to.

Songwriting and Creative Outlets

Did you know we teach songwriting? Songwriting is a specific creative endeavor in the musical field that often includes the storytelling aspect with words (lyrics). While conflict and movement can be done with instruments alone, many of our popular songs today have a range of styles that include words and instruments. A Capella is a style with singing alone covering both the lyrics and the instrumental portions of the song. Many orchestra pieces have only the instruments and no lyrics at all.

But while we focus on the popular song styles, because it is good to learn all of the pieces of songwriting before exploring any one in detail, we cover the basic parts of a song and build them one at a time to help understand each of them: refrain/chorus, verses, intro, outro, bridge, instrumental interlude, and pre-chorus. We cover rhythm, melody, harmony, time signatures, chord progression, and the hook.

If you’re starting to feel that itch about wanting to be creative, to let out some of those ideas that pop into your head, grab a notebook or your nearest digital notetaking device, and also head to this October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge. Never heard of NaNoWriMo? It’s National Novel Writing Month, and you don’t actually have to try that. (It’s difficult, trust me, because I’ve tried it.) But the beauty of the Challenge is to allow your ideas to take shape, whether they end up in a story, a poem, a song, or another medium. Don’t be afraid to allow your creativity to guide you!

Actually, this post makes me want to write a song now… How about you?

Introducing New Lab Leads

All of our students have lesson time and lab time. MTMS has three new lab leads with the primary objective to help students with their development of music theory, aural, and rhythms skills over time. The position also has several other requirements, including training new lab attendants, direct lab attendants in assigned tasks and monitor their training and performance, set student goals and curricula, develop monthly music lab themes and projects for the music history, composition, and young students stations. They also evaluate and select new apps and games, maintain the lab devices and equipment and make recommendations for purchases, as well as devising and implementing process improvements, educational improvements, and other initiatives.

Kristen Sage has a BA in Music Performance from Augustana University (2012), a Masters in Vocal Performance from the University of South Dakota (2014) and a Master of Arts in Church Music from Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University (2016). She started playing piano and singing at the age of 3. She started performing in church for special music. She won Concerto-Aria contest in voice at Augustana University as a freshman and a senior. She has also performed in the opera programs at Augustana University, the University of South Dakota and the Sounds of South Dakota. She has also performed with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Chorus.

Clay H. Hammond is a founding member and general manager of the Divertimento Flute Quartet. He is the owner of Hammond Flute Repair and Studio, which primarily serves flutists nationwide with high quality maintenance and repair. Clay has also served as a substitute music instructor at the Michelle Tuesday Music School since 2015. In addition to Divertimento, he also plays third flute and piccolo in the Westerville Symphony as well as flute and piccolo in the Heisey Wind Ensemble and Ohio Capital Winds. He has a Bachelor of Music degree in Flute Performance from The Ohio State University where he studied with Katherine Borst Jones.

Flute lessons at Michelle Tuesday Music School in Gahanna, Ohio

Daniel Jordan trained at Oberlin College and attained a Bachelor of Music (BM) in Flute Performance, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History. With extensive experience in teaching and customer service, he also has worked in maintenance, leadership, childcare, and food service. This well-rounded preparation has given him perspective and highlights his myriad abilities and love of music.

When you see them in the lab – say hello and congratulate them! We’re so glad to have them at MTMS!

Looking Forward to Holidays

I know it’s only mid-September, but when we need to practice music we look ahead. MTMS is planning for the next recital to be near the end of October. So the first step is deciding what kind of music you want to play around Halloween, whether it is for that holiday or another celebration you prefer. Second, we’re looking toward the end of the year holidays and it will be time to start on any music you’d like to play then. Get out your calendars! I can’t wait to hear what everyone chooses.