Sound Branding

Originally I looked into jingles, so that’s part of my main focus today.

Jingles may have started as early as 1600. Before radio and television, some products had sheet music to be part of the branding.

I’m fascinated what that would have sounded like back then.

Depending on the age, if i ask you to name a favorite jingle, you might talk about State Farm Insurance or Folger’s or Oscar Mayer. However, in recent years it’s been changing to more pop song crossover than the older straight forward jingle.

It didn’t just include current pop songs but also classics – I Heard It Through the Grapevine for selling raisins.

Within the last 20 years, jingles have changed from commercials, which were ever-present on tv and radio, to pop songs that might actually hit the charts themselves. Remember I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke?

Even traditional themes have become more subtle to today’s younger generations. Sound Branding has a long history and will likely keep evolving as our advertising needs do. I’m sure we will all hear it when it arrives.

MTMS Playlist Deadline

Today (10/25) is the deadline for the Halloween Youtube Playlist for MTMS. Please get those submissions in today if you haven’t already!

Our playlist will come out on Halloween (10/31). We’re so excited to share it with everyone because we love our students and we appreciate all of their work to be ready to share with families and friends.

Tentatively planning an in-person recital in January. Stay tuned.

Welcome Jovi Prater!

MTMS is excited to have Jovi as part of our receptionist staff. She’s interested to grow into new opportunities and learn from all of the experiences. She’s friendly and competent. She’s worked in similar positions outside of the music school, and her knowledge is a great fit for our current needs.

Please introduce yourself to her when you see her. We encourage friendliness and a good atmosphere.

September Themes

Composition in September: This month we are going to talk about national anthems. Learn about what makes them sound the way they do, and take a shot at writing your own. Don’t worry we have plenty of examples and techniques to help you out. And if you have any questions please ask your lab attendant!

Music History in September: All about national anthems – Read about what National Anthems are and what makes them sound like they do. If you have questions – your lab attendant is ready and waiting to help.

Do you know these countries? Can you find their anthems? Click here for help.