Last Chance (before February comes)

In the lab this week, the challenge for students is to write at least one minute in both monophony and polyphony on your own instrument or even one you’ve never played before. New words for music support people? Monophony is a single melody line. Polyphony is multiple melody lines.

There are many songs in popular music where there is a single (sung) melody line, and at a later point in the song the earlier melodies are layered together. (I’ve got We Don’t Talk About Bruno stuck in my head, but every song sung in the round starts with a monophony, turns into a polyphony, and ends in monophony. Please save me from my earworm and comment with your favorite songs that blend both of these. Adele – Rolling in the Deep and Happy – Pharrell Williams)

Have a blast in the lab with the medieval music theme. We’re looking at music styles between 500 and 1400 AD. Many common examples include Gregorian chants and church music.

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