Easter Blessings!

It is indeed a glorious week, when we move from the mourning of Lent and into the rejoicing of Easter and new careers! Negotiations are rolling on the studio home, and I’m happy with my choices. I have plenty of time this week, so I will be dedicating my efforts to business planning and marketing. First and foremost, I will be giving MichelleTuesday.com an overhaul.

In honor of Easter, I have decided to resurrect my diet, beginning today. Wish me luck and lots of green, leafy veggies.

A new blog home!

mega millions

It seems appropriate that I choose today, the day I leave the decade-long comfort and security of Corporate America, to move my blog from WordPress.com to MichelleTuesday.com. While I was at it, I also launched a new YouTube channel and uploaded the first video.

It also seems appropriate that such an important change in my career would come at Easter. So begins the next phase in my own Life Uncommon.