Winter Playlist 2022

The first MTMS Lobby Recital went really well! Thank you everyone for participating to make the week a success. We’re always so excited to watch our students show off their new skills and enjoy their music.

The playlist shares all the students who performed throughout the week. We can’t wait to do this again. Please don’t stop the music!

Open Today for Lessons and Lobby Recitals

Many of us are out of school for President’s Day, but please note that MTMS is open as usual on Monday.

Lessons this week will be at their normal times. Your Lobby Recital will be during that time with whomever you’d like to bring with you. This will be a week-long recital at MTMS, and we hope you enjoy all of the different performers while you wait during your child’s lesson time. Also, there will be one on one time for the student to get pointers on their piece and what they will continue to work on.

May the music never stop.

Recital Postponed

Often at MTMS this time of year we try to do a recital. We have worked to switch it up between in-person gatherings and YouTube playlists. Right now the COVID numbers are too high to plan for it, and we will give you a month’s notice when it is time.

For the first time, we’re going to attempt a more COVID-friendly recital. Over a full week, at your lesson time, you will perform in the lobby for your family and the other participants at that time. A few extra may come as well, like grandparents or siblings. Most of the people there will be people who are already there – and I’ve seen this work very well at my son’s dance studio.

If there’s time left over, the students will have a debrief with their teachers – we always want to improve on what we’ve done and also reinforce the best parts of what our students do.

Recital This Weekend!

This weekend is the recital at MTMS! We’re so excited to see everyone – and it is important to know that weather will not cancel this event. Prepare to be outside for good weather and to hear more details if the forecast changes. It’s going to be hot.

For our excited version – we’re going to have this recital outdoors. There will be games and activities. Be prepared for the heat- it might be above 90 degrees. Beach volleyball and beach bingo will be on the list of activities. Be ready to play dolphin ring toss and horseshoes. There will be prizes and a craft, too.

If you haven’t heard from MTMS by tomorrow, please contact us about your recital time. Practice and be ready for all the fun.

Gigs and MacGyver

What does MacGyver have to do with music performance? Everything. If you’ve ever had a gig, you know that nothing ever, ever goes right. You plug everything in to the amplifier or sound board, and for a reason that you can’t identify in the ten seconds you have before the gig is supposed to start, no sound comes out. Your keyboard stand breaks. Your cymbal hardware breaks. Even worse, your throne breaks while you’re drumming. (Ouch.) Continue reading “Gigs and MacGyver”