Winter Playlist 2022

The first MTMS Lobby Recital went really well! Thank you everyone for participating to make the week a success. We’re always so excited to watch our students show off their new skills and enjoy their music.

The playlist shares all the students who performed throughout the week. We can’t wait to do this again. Please don’t stop the music!

September Themes

Composition in September: This month we are going to talk about national anthems. Learn about what makes them sound the way they do, and take a shot at writing your own. Don’t worry we have plenty of examples and techniques to help you out. And if you have any questions please ask your lab attendant!

Music History in September: All about national anthems – Read about what National Anthems are and what makes them sound like they do. If you have questions – your lab attendant is ready and waiting to help.

Do you know these countries? Can you find their anthems? Click here for help.

Recital This Weekend!

This weekend is the recital at MTMS! We’re so excited to see everyone – and it is important to know that weather will not cancel this event. Prepare to be outside for good weather and to hear more details if the forecast changes. It’s going to be hot.

For our excited version – we’re going to have this recital outdoors. There will be games and activities. Be prepared for the heat- it might be above 90 degrees. Beach volleyball and beach bingo will be on the list of activities. Be ready to play dolphin ring toss and horseshoes. There will be prizes and a craft, too.

If you haven’t heard from MTMS by tomorrow, please contact us about your recital time. Practice and be ready for all the fun.

Music Aids Memory

It turns out that music education can help you learn more than just music. Music can be used to learn many different subjects through the use of mnemonics. Mnemonic devices are used to assist memory, and there are nine types: Music, Name, Expression/Word, Model, Ode/Rhyme, Note Organization, Image, Connection, and Spelling Mnemonics. Continue reading “Music Aids Memory”

How do you get your music? 6 Free Music Links and More!

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Many free online resources offer music for your listening enjoyment, far beyond iTunes and YouTube. Some of them require subscriptions, but all of them have great information and, more than likely, at least one track you have never heard. Broaden your musical interests with something new. Continue reading “How do you get your music? 6 Free Music Links and More!”