It’s a Great Time for Lessons!

There’s a convincing body of research that states the best time to immerse your child in music is from birth to age 9. That doesn’t necessarily mean your newborn should be learning guitar, but that parents and communities can improve a child’s musicality.

The goal of lessons at different ages becomes important. Your newborn may want to be swayed in arms and just listen to ambient music. Toddlers are ready for learning rhymes and rhythms, for interacting in groups for both singing and dancing, as well as playing beginning instruments. Given tambourines or clackers, they learn motor skills as well as musical ones.

When they approach ages for lessons, one of the best things a parent or caregiver can do is allow access to music, instruments, and often a child will be ready between ages six and nine to start private lessons. Note: Some kids are ready earlier, and we support that!

How do you know your specific kid is ready to start here? One way is to bring the kid into our school and try a sampler. A more detailed list includes showing interest in an instrument, the child can focus for a period of time appropriate for their age, they know their letters A through G and can count to 10, the child fits the instrument, you can access an instrument and a teacher (chat with us!!), and finally – that the parent or caregiver is ready to give the support to the child for practice and transportation. Ultimately, the children get so much out of their music – it’s time to start now!

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