Tongue Twisters

Surprised they have a place in music and speech?

I was reminded of a phrase in a song this morning, “Around the rugged rock, the ragged rascal ran,” as well as the Dr. Seuss book Fox in Sox.

When we recite those tongue twisters, we get a rhythm to it. Singers use these to learn articulators (tongue, teeth, lips, and jaw) so their words are crisp and clear. When my daughter was tiny, we read Fox in Sox a lot, and that book now has a rhythm when I read it, because I learned to read it better with that rhythmic speech – meaning many, many fewer mistakes.

Looking for a few tongue twisters to try out?

Five effective tongue twisters for singers (

tongue-twisters-poster-full.jpg (3509×2480) (

Tongue Twisters For Singers – Successful Singing

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