Community Theatre Love

I have a soft spot for community theatre. I can’t wait to learn more about the local theatre in my new business home, Gahanna. Sadly, based on the lack of activity at the Gahanna Community Theatre website, I fear the organization may be on hiatus or even stagnant. I have reached out to a producer whose contact information I found on the website, so I hope to find the group alive and well and just lacking in recent web updating. If Gahanna Community Theatre is still active, I plan to learn more about the group and offer whatever support I can. Continue reading “Community Theatre Love”

How do you get your music? 6 Free Music Links and More!

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Many free online resources offer music for your listening enjoyment, far beyond iTunes and YouTube. Some of them require subscriptions, but all of them have great information and, more than likely, at least one track you have never heard. Broaden your musical interests with something new. Continue reading “How do you get your music? 6 Free Music Links and More!”

Repetitive Stress Injuries for Musicians


Musicians of all types are affected by long playing times, and can be subject to repetitive stress injuries. Ergonomics, the science of designing equipment for human use to reduce injury, can be applied to musicians as well as office workers. Continue reading “Repetitive Stress Injuries for Musicians”