Computer Lab: How Technology Reinforces Learning

Education experts agree that students absorb information better when they receive it in different ways. For example, students who hear information presented by a teacher in a classroom after reading it in a book are more likely to retain the information than students who only read the information in a book. Students who see pictures or demonstrations remember then information better than those who only hear it in a lecture. And students who actively “do”, such as practicing a musical instrument, are more likely to retain what they’ve learned about playing the instrument than students who simply watch a teacher or someone else doing it. Continue reading “Computer Lab: How Technology Reinforces Learning”

Music Aids Memory

It turns out that music education can help you learn more than just music. Music can be used to learn many different subjects through the use of mnemonics. Mnemonic devices are used to assist memory, and there are nine types: Music, Name, Expression/Word, Model, Ode/Rhyme, Note Organization, Image, Connection, and Spelling Mnemonics. Continue reading “Music Aids Memory”

Community Theatre Love

I have a soft spot for community theatre. I can’t wait to learn more about the local theatre in my new business home, Gahanna. Sadly, based on the lack of activity at the Gahanna Community Theatre website, I fear the organization may be on hiatus or even stagnant. I have reached out to a producer whose contact information I found on the website, so I hope to find the group alive and well and just lacking in recent web updating. If Gahanna Community Theatre is still active, I plan to learn more about the group and offer whatever support I can. Continue reading “Community Theatre Love”

How do you get your music? 6 Free Music Links and More!

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Many free online resources offer music for your listening enjoyment, far beyond iTunes and YouTube. Some of them require subscriptions, but all of them have great information and, more than likely, at least one track you have never heard. Broaden your musical interests with something new. Continue reading “How do you get your music? 6 Free Music Links and More!”