Because we are passionate about music performance at Michelle Tuesday Music School, we offer plenty of opportunities for our students enrolled in music lessons to demonstrate what they’ve learned. MTMS holds a variety of recitals, parties, and community events throughout the year that offer opportunities for students to perform. MTMS does not charge additional fees to participate in performance opportunities.

Sign up for upcoming MTMS Recitals using the form below. Performance order within a 30-minute session will be based on instrument and student proficiency. Please note that not all instructors will be attending all days, so check the schedule for your instructor’s availability if desired. However, you may sign up at any time, even if your instructor is not available.

“We sometimes have had a crazy schedule and you have always been able to accommodate us to get our lessons made up. I love that the kids get the opportunity to get lots of times to play in front of a crowd. I also liked having the more formal recital in the winter. We haven’t been able to make it to as many (parties and events) as we would have liked, but the times we have gone we have all had a great time!! Keep it up!!” – Robin S.