Michelle Tuesday

A freelance musician in central Ohio, Michelle Tuesday is a professional singer, songwriter and writer with over 35 years of musical experience. Born into a musical family and classically trained through the collegiate level as a soprano and pianist, Michelle began performing professional engagements when she was 15. She has taught piano, guitar, drum, bass, rock band and voice lessons since 2003. Currently, she serves as praise band director and worship leader for Messiah Lutheran Church (since 2002) and plays at various restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, including regular gigs at Potbelly Sandwich Shop (since 2004.) Michelle Tuesday also performs regular acoustic shows at Pearl Market and Easton Farmers Market, New Albany Gardens, and a variety of other public and private venues. Her music is an eclectic mix of contemporary Christian music, folk, rock, country, pop, R&B, and jazz, all performed in her signature acoustic style. A typical gig might feature covers of such diverse artists as U2, The Beatles, Carole King, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Bruce Springsteen, as well as original songs.

Michelle also keeps a regularly updated blog which features tips and insights about practice, performance, and the world of music, along with new original music and goings-on at her music school. Michelle Tuesday Music School opened its first campus in Gahanna, Ohio in September 2010. MTMS Polaris Campus opened in September 2013.

“I have played piano since I was 5 and now teach, Michelle has been leading Pathways Praise Band at our church for years and as I work with her she is still teaching me new things everyday. Her motivation stems from her passion for those around her, she is motivated and gets things accomplished. Anybody who situates themselves around her will have an advocate in accomplishing their dreams.” – Rachel R.


Original music by Michelle Tuesday: “100 Times”

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Other original songs Michelle Tuesday:

All These Things
Another Piece of Me (with Ransom Noble)
Best Friends Now
Child of the Water
Counting the Hours
Desert Rain
Does His Wife Know
Don’t Act Like You’re Sorry
Dragonflies and Tigers (with Sarah E. Kiko)
Dreams (with Sarah E. Kiko)
Event Horizon (with Todd Starbuck)
Eyes Dressed in Red
Faith Will
Four Leaf Clover
Hey, Baby
I Am
I Just Cry (with Sarah E. Kiko)
I’ll Pull You From the Rubble
In Muted Light of Softening Day
Inside These Walls
It’s So Easy
Josie’s Song
Lamia Noble (with Todd Starbuck)
Learning to Fly
Look and Listen
More Civilized now
My One and Only (with Kara Odom Walker)
Night Memoir (with Eliot)
O Fortune
One Hundred Times
Regret (with Sarah E. Kiko)
Roses (with Todd Starbuck)
That Day (with Carol Kohs)
The Guide
The Sentinels of the Vale
The Wayfarer
Two Ladies
Weave (Can’t Begin)
Whispers (with Eliot)
Winter’s Escape
Won’t You Come (with Student of the Word)
Your Words