MTMS Policies


  1. PRACTICE: We expect students to practice every day and record practice time in their progress books. Instructors document weekly assignments in student progress books. Please review weekly assignments.
  2. PROGRESS: Teachers and computer lab attendants document student progress in student progress books. Please read your progress book every week. You may also request a computer lab progress report at any time.


  1. TUITION: Monthly tuition is due by the first calendar day of the month.
  2. AUTOPAY: Autopay is available and encouraged. We will deduct your tuition on the due date.
  3. LATE FEE: We will assess a $10 late fee for any payment not received by the due date.
  4. AUTO WITHDRAWAL: If tuition is not received before the second lesson of the month, you will be automatically withdrawn and your time slot given to another student.
  5. LESSON MATERIALS: Please note that your tuition does not include method books and sheet music.


  1. SCHEDULE CONFLICT: We require 24 hours’ notice to schedule private lesson make-ups for schedule conflicts.
  2. ILLNESS / EMERGENCY: If notified prior to the scheduled lesson time, we will schedule a make-up lesson for private lessons only.
  3. INCLEMENT WEATHER: We will close for a Level 2 Snow Emergency in Franklin County (Gahanna Campus) or Delaware County (Polaris Campus). If you experience a snow emergency in your area, we will schedule a make-up lesson for private lessons only.
  4. MISSED CLASSES: Missed classes cannot be made up for any reason and are non-refundable.
  5. NO-CALL/NO-SHOW: No-call/no-shows will not be made up for any reason and are non-refundable.
  6. EXPIRATION: Unscheduled/ unused make-up lessons expire 1 year after the missed lesson and cannot be used after that point.


  1. PERMANENT WITHDRAWAL: You may choose to withdraw at any time with two weeks’ notice.
  2. TEMPORARY WITHDRAWAL: You may hold your spot on the schedule for up to two months with a non-refundable prepayment of your return month tuition.  If you are on a temporary withdrawal and do not resume lessons within two months, you forfeit your spot on the schedule.


Any currently enrolled private lesson student may sign up for a recital, party or other performance event at any time at no additional charge.


By enrolling at Michelle Tuesday Music School and commencing lessons, you agree to be bound by these policies.

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