End of an Era

As of this Sunday, March 27, 2011, Potbelly Gahanna in Stoneridge Plaza is no more.

Don’t tell the manager at my Easton Potbelly Sandwich Works, but I always liked the Gahanna store better. Easton provides me significantly more visibility as an artist – after all, we get regular conventions and workshops at the nearby Hilton, tourists enjoying a beautiful outdoor day of leisure, and a variety of local shoppers, movie-goers, and business people. Easton Potbelly is busier and has more energy. But Gahanna Potbelly Sandwich Works had that cozy, small-town feel, and I loved the regulars.

To bank guy: I learned “Rosemary” and LOVE it. I’m not sure how I went through my entire life never knowing that song. Come see me at Easton, and I’ll play it for you. To yoga girl: It made my day to make your day. :-) Thank you for introducing me to Missy Higgins, a wonderful musician who reminds me of Dar Williams. To Mary, Mike, O-lo, Todd and the gang: You guys have gone through so much change! I’ve missed you, but I’m really happy to see things happening for you. To Ellie, Ethan, Cory, Noah, and all the little ones who are my favorite fans: You can always catch me at the music school just down Hamilton Road at Vista Plaza, and many of you already do. To all the rest of you, I hope to see you again. It’s a short jaunt over to Easton Station, and the sammiches and staff are just as warm and toasty there as they ever were at Gahanna. In fact, many of the Gahanna sandwich-makers will be relocating to the Easton Potbelly.

Peace out.



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