Continuing Education

First of all, I am mortified that I haven’t blogged in three months. Second, I can’t believe it’s March. Third, it’s March! Bring on the Girl Scout cookies!

Indeed, although they aren’t good for my waistline, I cannot help but munch on Berry Munches, especially since I’m surround by Girls Scouts at church and the music school. But between Do-Si-Dos and Samoas, I still play five days a week at Potbelly Sandwich Works. And as I have been playing guitar professionally for over a decade, you would think I’m pretty good at it.

My secret is out: I sing louder than I play for a reason. I’ve been using a microphone and vocal inflections to cover less-than-perfect guitar playing for years.

But now that I find myself surrounded with musicians whose skills exceed mine, I’ve decided to polish my playing. In February, I started taking guitar lessons from Cody, one of the teachers at Michelle Tuesday Music School. If you’re a Potbelly follower, you may have noticed a lot more ballads and less driving rocker songs lately. This is because I have been working on my hand position and fingerstyle. And if I do say so myself, I have improved significantly in just a month.

No matter what our professions, no matter how accomplished we think we may be, we can always improve our skills and knowledge. Never stop learning, and always be open to others might teach. And if you’re looking to improve as a musician, by all means, give me a call. We’ll find the teacher who can help you meet your music education goals.

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