Christmas Caroling 2012

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Michelle Tuesday Music School held its first annual Christmas Caroling event on Friday, December 14th at 6:00 PM. The event was one of the more… interesting of MTMS events.

It started with a frantic attempt to print off lyrics sheets (oopsies for forgetting to prepare that little detail in advance) and the inevitable printer-running-out-of-ink dilemma that always plagues situations like these. Of course the lyrics sheets were too big for the stapler, for which we had to break the pliers out of the toolbox. But after much clicking, typing, printing, ink-changing, and stapler-plying, the group, accompanied by studio puppies Sammy and Tater Tot, decked in appropriately festive outfits, hit the road.

The carolers started in the Villa Oaks neighborhood to the north of Vista Plaza, but most of the homes appeared suspiciously empty for dinnertime on a Friday night. The troupe of singers, undaunted, hit the businesses in Vista Plaza next, where they were well-received, particularly at our next-door neighbor, Great Clips. Finally, the group headed through Vista Apartments behind the plaza, where they sang a host of fun holiday favorites for the enjoyment of the residents.

One thing is certain: we’ll be keeping those pesky lyrics sheets for next year!

Photos and video from the event are below.

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