Elias Blake

Elias Blake started playing piano at age six. Throughout his career as a student, he has studied
with many instructors, including his current instructor Dr. Tianshu Wang, as well as former
instructors Dr. Rosemary Platt and Dr. Junghwa Lee. Elias has also spent time studying the
violin, mandolin, and guitar.
Elias has performed in a variety of contexts, from accompanying at an event at the Ohio Theatre,
to performing solo recitals, to accompanying for benefit recitals, along with numerous other
events. He greatly enjoys playing the piano, no matter the context or style. Although he is
primarily a classical musician, he has done some work in other genres as well.
Currently, he is in his second year at Capital University, where he is studying under Dr. Wang.
He is very excited to join MTMS as an instructor this year.

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