OMTA and Music Performance

I was privileged to enjoy a luncheon with the Ohio Music Teachers Association yesterday. What a wonderful group of folks! You would think that the power of this organization is in networking with music education colleagues in the area, including others who teach private music lessons, and that’s certainly a benefit to the group. But they also organize a slew of events, including continuing education opportunities for music educators and music performance events for students.

The latter is great for my music school and its emphasis on the importance of student performance. OMTA hosts ensemble performances, group recitals, music performance competitions, and music performance critique opportunities for students of its members. It also offers music education grants to students.

Non-competitive music performance critique by a third party judge is not something I had considered for my students taking music lessons. Since I am looking for a variety of student performance opportunities, this is one I could throw into the mix, along with my own recitals and repertoire classes. I had considered competitive performance, but thus far had not lined up the opportunity, so that would be another perk of OMTA membership.

On the studio front, I have a home for Michelle Tuesday Music School, teaching music lessons in Gahanna, Ohio. I hope to have a lease signed by next week, and then build out the space throughout June, pushing my Grand Opening back to probably July. Everything in the commercial real estate industry takes about three times as long as I would like it to. I’m chomping at the bit to begin my advertising campaign for music lessons and classes, but until a lease is signed, the location could fall through. So we technically don’t have a home with an address yet, and the first thing parents looking for music lessons want to know about your studio is where it’s located. I can’t exactly advertise that I teach music lessons in Gahanna, Ohio when I don’t have an address there yet.

I am greatly anticipating next week. I’ve been in a business slump waiting for this piece, and look forward to getting the ball rolling again.

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