How do you get your music? 6 Free Music Links and More!

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Many free online resources offer music for your listening enjoyment, far beyond iTunes and YouTube. Some of them require subscriptions, but all of them have great information and, more than likely, at least one track you have never heard. Broaden your musical interests with something new.


Pandora is a free internet radio, part of the Music Genome Project. Pandora lets you direct some of your choices by searching for an artist or song title, and they match you up with similar sounds. You can also search by genre. While Pandora prohibits picking a song over and over, it is a good way to discover new artists or songs. Pandora also sends royalties to the artists.


Grooveshark is a streaming site that allows queries, playlists, and – like Pandora – pays artists every time you stream a song.


PureVolume hosts a community for music lovers, connecting artists and listeners. Widely recognized as “the premier social music site,” up-and-coming artists can post information, updates, songs, videos, and the option for free downloads.

Live 365

Live 365 is a musical community that offers radio, broadcast, and free downloads. They feature different artists on their pages and make recommendations.

AOL Music

AOL Music offers several exclusive features, including free mp3 download of the day, interface of live performances, over 350 radio stations, and a listening party for full CDs. This is also a great site to stay on top of news about your favorite artists. Check out their affiliate sites as well: Spinner for rockers, crooners and dancefloor DJs; TheBoomBox for hip-hop and R&B; Noisecreep for hard rock and metal; and TheBoot for country.

MSN Music

MSN Music is affiliated with Zune marketplace. Previews and news pack this site for listeners to browse at their leisure.

Mashable Music Monday

Mashable Music Monday adds a list every Monday of ten new songs donated by artists. They are different genres, but you might just find something new to love.

And of course, most radio stations offer online streaming versions of their radio broadcasts, such as my personal favorites, 104.9 The River and RadioU, both of which broadcast here in Columbus.

It has never been easier to hear to your favorite tunes for free. In case you need another reason to listen, music can improve your productivity. Happy listening!

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