Repetitive Stress Injuries for Musicians


Musicians of all types are affected by long playing times, and can be subject to repetitive stress injuries. Ergonomics, the science of designing equipment for human use to reduce injury, can be applied to musicians as well as office workers. Continue reading “Repetitive Stress Injuries for Musicians”

Gigs and MacGyver

What does MacGyver have to do with music performance? Everything. If you’ve ever had a gig, you know that nothing ever, ever goes right. You plug everything in to the amplifier or sound board, and for a reason that you can’t identify in the ten seconds you have before the gig is supposed to start, no sound comes out. Your keyboard stand breaks. Your cymbal hardware breaks. Even worse, your throne breaks while you’re drumming. (Ouch.) Continue reading “Gigs and MacGyver”

Spring Recital 2010

Michelle Tuesday Music School held its Spring Recital 2010 on May 23rd at Potbelly Sandwich Works in Gahanna, Ohio. Photos and videos of student performances will be posted at MichelleTuesday.Com shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for website updates.

Congratulations to all the music students who performed at the spring recital. With repertoire ranging from Beethoven to Journey, Continue reading “Spring Recital 2010”

Getting the Most from Music Practice Time

Whatever the musical instrument you’re learning, whether it is piano, guitar, drums, your own vocal chords, or the kazoo, you can master it, regardless of your age or current skill level. But finely honing skill takes time, the guidance of a qualified instructor to teach good technique and discourage bad habits, and lots and lots of practice. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your practice time. Continue reading “Getting the Most from Music Practice Time”