Why I Love to Sing

by guest blogger Ashley Fredenburg

Music speaks what cannot be expressed
Soothes the mind and gives it rest
Heals the heart and makes it whole
Flows from heaven to the soul.

‘I lo-o-ove to sing’ A common warm-up for singers going up the C-major scale, but as I step back a minute and think, these words…they mean so much to me. Why? Why do I love to sing? Music…it makes me feel so….alive. Making emotions flare, sending my voice from the heavens to others souls. It brings me happiness to express who I truly am without being scared. I sing to express myself:

You’ve got to make a choice if the music drowns you out,
Raise your voice every single time they try and shut your mouth,
Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls,
Every time that you lose it sing it for the world
Sing it from the heart, sing it til you’re nuts,
Sing it out for the ones that’ll hate your guts

I feel free when I sing. Singing releases my wings and allows me to fly. Nobody will ever bring me down. As Martina McBride once sung after her dreams were shot down,

And with a broken wing,
She still sings,
She keeps an eye on the sky,
With a broken wing,
She carries her dreams,
Man you ought to see her fly

Never be afraid to dream that dream and fly. I dream of Broadway and my passion for theater. I love singing because it allows me to be a step closer to living my dream everyday.

We sing for laughter, we sing for tears
We sing for madness, we sing for fears
We sing for hopes, we sing for screams
We are singers, and we create dreams.


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