Which instrument is best for you?

Want to learn music but don’t know where to begin? Here’s some instrument inspiration to get you started!

Piano is a great instrument for all ages and you can learn to play any genre of music on it! Play by yourself or accompany a friend! Possibilities are endless with piano, and there’s something in it for everyone! Enroll in lessons and learn the chords to your favorite song, how to kick it old school with Mozart, or even how to write your own music!

Do you find yourself bobbing your head to the beat of the music in the car? Are you energetic and confident? Drums might be the instrument for you! The drummer in a band keeps the whole group on track and plays awesome rhythms that get the crowd dancing.

Always wanted to be a rockstar? Guitar is a great instrument for all ages, and you get to choose between a rocking electric or a soulful acoustic, or who knows, maybe both! Learn to play chords and you can sing songs with your friends!

Find yourself singing in the shower or in the car on the way to school? Consider taking voice lessons! Lessons will help strengthen your voice and control your breathing so you can belt it out along with the greats.

Are you a leader, not a follower? Are you high spirited and dedicated? Violin is a great option for you! Violinists help lead others in groups but also shine bright as soloists. You might be the next violin prodigy but you don’t know till you try!

Of course, there are tons of other instruments out there. Stop by Michelle Tuesday Music School, locations in Gahanna and Lewis Center, to learn more about music lessons and the different instruments we offer!


2 thoughts on “Which instrument is best for you?”

  1. Hello My name is Pedro Rivas, My son Andrés is 4 years old and he wants to learn to play guitar, I do not know if he will be a good instrument for his age! can he enter in your Academy with 4 years old?

    1. Pedro, at age 4 we recommend starting with piano, drums or violin. We recommend starting guitar at age 6 because it requires more finger strength and dexterity than a 4-year-old child typically possesses. However, we also have a preschool music class where children get to play a variety of different instruments each week, including guitar. Would you like more information? Which location is most convenient for you, Gahanna or Lewis Center?


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