Web and Blog Revisions

With my humble apologies, our blog subscribers have been subject to a significant amount of junk activity in the last few weeks. Additionally, our students may have noticed a significant lack of event photos in the blog. Michelle Tuesday Music School has been undergoing a major web overhaul, which includes integration of the blog and web design all into the same WordPress platform. This is going to be fantastic for future maintenance. It’s also much better for visitor navigation and sales leads and conversions. And as my good friend and customer, Melissa, pointed out, it’s also much less purple.

Unfortunately for subscribers, there will be more bombarding to come, because I am an idiot.

No, seriously.

I managed to accidentally delete the database that houses our entire blog, dating back to more than two years’ worth of articles, photos, and other media from our events and student performances. Because I’ve been working on the web revision for three weeks, I am not inclined to spend days re-creating the missing blog posts at this time. I’m sure I have other work to catch up on (though I don’t for the life of me remember what it was.) But I will be adding the posts back in over time, so I apologize to those of you who will be seeing the photos for a second time.

Watch for the web revision, coming soon! It’s very exciting. :-)

Peace, Michelle

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