The Music is the Thing

When most people think about music lessons, they envision groups or single person lessons of softly played Bach or Beethoven, even Tchaikovsky and Chopin. Maybe throw in some Mozart or Wagner. If the teacher or the student is really ambitious, they might attempt Rachmaninoff, Brahms and Liszt.

Music teachers have shifted to a more interesting take on learning music. Today’s kids don’t want to learn classical music (at least I never did as a teenager; although I have an appreciation for it now) and musicians like Lindsey Stirling and the 2 Cellos are making more current music popular are typical classical instruments.

Instead of focusing on classical music, students can examine a broad range of choices. Everything from rock and roll to country to video games. The use of more enticing music means a student is more interested in practicing and playing.

By giving students options for their music, teachers have opened a whole door into not only new students, but new avenues for expression.

Author: Reb Kreyling

Reb Kreyling is a veteran teacher as well as an accomplished fiction writer and blogger. Although not a music teacher, she uses music in her classroom to promote concentration. In her spare time, she enjoys projects around her new house and spending time with her youngest sister and mom in addition to reading and writing.

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