Gigs and MacGyver

What does MacGyver have to do with music performance? Everything. If you’ve ever had a gig, you know that nothing ever, ever goes right. You plug everything in to the amplifier or sound board, and for a reason that you can’t identify in the ten seconds you have before the gig is supposed to start, no sound comes out. Your keyboard stand breaks. Your cymbal hardware breaks. Even worse, your throne breaks while you’re drumming. (Ouch.) Continue reading “Gigs and MacGyver”

OMTA and Music Performance

I was privileged to enjoy a luncheon with the Ohio Music Teachers Association yesterday. What a wonderful group of folks! You would think that the power of this organization is in networking with music education colleagues in the area, including others who teach private music lessons, and that’s certainly a benefit to the group. But they also organize a slew of events, including continuing education opportunities for music educators and music performance events for students. Continue reading “OMTA and Music Performance”

Music Therapy

Music does indeed invoke emotional response in the listener, and the response varies by the music. A nice, soothing piano solo composed by George Winston calms and relaxes. A throbbing dance tune by Lady Gaga pumps and energizes. Whatever mood you wish to invoke, there’s a song for that. We’ll call it iSong. ;-) Continue reading “Music Therapy”