Music Summer Camps!

After months of brainstorming, planning, and organizing, MTMS finally has a lineup of music summer camps on the schedule.  Groups of 3-6 students will form bands and musical theatre ensembles, spend the week learning 1-3 songs, and perform them for friends and family at the end of each week, on Saturday afternoon. Our teachers and staff are excited. June can’t come soon enough, and not just because we’re tired of the rain! (Although, we are VERY tired of the rain.)

To be honest, we felt initially out of our comfort zones with summer camp planning. When we opened our music school doors last September, our senior staff brought with us years of private studio experience. We are very comfortable with the scheduling and teaching of music lessons, facility and business management, and recital and party planning. But none of us had experience planning day camps. We had to research local and state requirements, devise a daily and weekly schedule for our campers, work with our teachers to build curricula, and work out the logistical issues of where our students would be and when. We plan to keep our campers moving from activity to activity each day. Heaven forbid our campers ever get bored!

But we have the plans in place and music summer camp enrollments have opened. With every student enrollment, we get more excited about the months to come. We hope you and your family decides join the fun.

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