At Michelle Tuesday Music School, we strive to instill a lifelong love of music performance in all our students. We believe that music is meant to be heard, not hidden in a lesson room. We also know that students require just as much practice performing in front of others as they do playing the music itself. In this unique performance situation, students will be given “solo and ensemble”-style written comments and a rating based on their performance. Judging criteria will include areas like rhythm, pitch, dynamics, etc. The goal is to offer the most polished performance possible for the current skill level of the student, which requires thorough practice and preparation.


  • See our Recitals page for current event sign-ups.

Dress Code

  • Appropriate dress for a formal recital event (e.g. slacks/ dress, etc.)

Performance Requirements

  • Memorization is required for vocalists only.
  • Scales required for all instruments except voice and percussion.
  • Rudiments required for percussion.
  • Performance should represent the BEST of the student’s current ability.
    • Polished performance that has been practiced and perfected with due diligence.
  • Student must pick a piece of music from the required list.
    • Selected based on level of skill/ method book.
    • Must be approved by teacher prior to event.
    • Scales/rudiments must be learned based on requirements for category.

During Performance

  • Student should give a verbal introduction.
    • Name.
    • Age.
    • Piece selected.
  • Judges will select a scale based on the repertoire selected for performance
    • In same key as piece, where possible, or one of scales listed in required scales.
  • Student will then perform the scale followed by selected piece.


  • Judges will rate based on criteria such as tone, intonation, interpretation, accuracy and technique.
  • Judges will provide each competitor with documented comments.
  • Each competitor will receive an overall rating between I (highest) and V (lowest).
  • All competitors will receive a certificate commemorating their rating.
  • Medals will be available for a nominal fee for students earning ratings of I and II.

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