St. Patrick’s Day Party, Irish Carnival & Festival

At MTMS, our annual St. Patrick’s Day Party and Irish Carnival is arguably our most popular event. Students get to perform, as usual, but they also get to play carnival games, win entire cakes and bottles of pop, and win lots of other fabulous prizes.

In 2013, we took our annual St. Patrick’s Day Party one step further and added an Irish Music Festival to the lineup. Strings and guitar students were invited to participate in the Michelle Tuesday Music School exclusive event, where we taught our students Irish jigs and reels under the tutelage of MTMS instructors Tricia “Fire-Fingers” Fairman and Carolyn Sigler. If turnout is any indication, the event was a phenomenal success! We were jam-packed with audience members and game-players alike, and the Irish Festival students performed an amazing show. We also had a lineup of students performing the gamut on piano, guitar, drums, violin, flute and voice.

Enjoy the photos from the event below.

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