Sarah Schatz

Sarah Schatz

Sarah has been interested in music since she was little and watched her mom play organ for church each Sunday. She took piano lessons in elementary school and then continued into instrumental music as she entered 5th grade. She played clarinet for a couple of years until she was looking for a different instrument and her director suggested the bassoon. It wasn’t love at first play, but it was the right instrument for her. She played bassoon in symphonic band until she graduated high school. During marching band season she would play sideline percussion focusing on xylophone, marimba, and bells.

In college Sarah was part of the college band for a year playing the bassoon. She also added a couple of new instruments to her list at college and joined a handbell group and with the help of friends also learned some guitar basics. She continues to have an enjoyment for all the instruments she has played over the years and continues to share those gifts weekly at her church where she helps to lead worship through singing and playing her guitar. You also might occasionally see her play a handbell solo too.

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