John Basel

John Basel

MTMS Certified to Teach:

  • Advanced Piano
  • Advanced Guitar
  • Intermediate Drums
  • Intermediate Bass Guitar

John’s interest in music came about rather late as he started guitar and piano at ages 13 and 14 respectively. However, he was dedicated and was accepted at Bowling Green State University as a Piano Performance major 4 years later. Later he received his Master’s in Piano Performance from the University of Iowa where he was also awarded a Teaching Assistantship. While John’s own interest in piano is primarily classical, he is comfortable teaching and playing many styles. On guitar, John enjoys playing rock, blues, finger-style, and other genres. John’s teaching philosophy focuses on helping students genuinely understand the concepts in whatever they are learning. He believes that it is also important to help students develop their own passion for music and learning. John moved to Ohio in 2017 with his wife and daughter from Texas where he lived and taught music for 4 years.

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