Now Hiring: Computer Lab Attendants

MTMS is currently hiring part-time Computer Lab Attendants for our Polaris location. Hours will be in the afternoons and evenings between 3pm – 9pm. Future promotional opportunities available. Interested candidates, please send your resume to


Computer Lab Attendants at Michelle Tuesday Music School (MTMS) are responsible for assisting students with music theory, ear training, rhythm training, arranging / composition / use of music notation software, and other concepts taught in our Computer Lab. Computer Lab Attendants are also responsible for technical troubleshooting and light cleaning.


Computer Lab Attendants at MTMS must have a thorough knowledge of music theory, and all candidates must demonstrate proficiency at Alfred’s Essentials of Music software Units 1-6 prior to consideration for this position, plus meet continuing education requirements throughout employment. Computer Lab Attendants must also demonstrate the ability to assist students of all ages, ranging from preschool to adult, in learning concepts taught in the computer lab. And finally, ideal candidates will demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot technical problems with the computers, software, and network, and to stay cool under pressure. Multitasking ability and demonstrated initiative are a must.


  • Be available to work at least one evening or weekend shift to accommodate client schedules.
  • Arrive on time and prepared for lab coverage.
  • Be an expert and always know more than the student knows or be willing to find the answers.
  • Communicate knowledge to students and confirm understanding of concepts taught.
  • Recognize the individual needs of each student.
  • Help students start appropriate assignments and make sure they understand how to complete each level successfully.
  • Know students’ abilities and constantly work to improve them.
  • Monitor student progress, keep young students on task, and offer rewards when appropriate.
  • Communicate student progress to instructors and parents.
  • Discuss progress with adult students and identify adult students who need assistance.
  • Perform light cleaning, organizing, and administrative tasks.
  • Transcribe/transpose music upon request.
  • Run windows updates, anti-virus updates, etc. as necessary.
  • Troubleshoot technical problems in the lab and clearly document steps taken or solutions found.
  • Identify and implement lab improvements.
  • Attend student recitals, parties, and other performance events in support of students.
  • Be nice to other employees, students and parents and have fun!

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