MTMS Summer Recitals, Gahanna

Our MTMS Summer Recitals were a sunny, smashing success with plenty of good music and fun times. Students enrolled in private music lessons at our Gahanna campus performed songs they had been working on throughout the summer. The weekend started on Friday evening, with a debut piano performance of a “Twilight” medley, followed by outstanding numbers by our very own Advanced Flute Choir. Moving into the Saturday and Sunday performances, we saw everything from piano to guitar to violin to drums to flute. We heard popular music sung by students in voice lessons, ranging from Taylor Swift to Adele to musical theatre numbers. One of the highlights of the weekend was the “Star Wars” theme song, performed on piano by Brenden in his Darth Vader costume, while his younger sister Kiki stood by in her Storm Trooper costume, holding Brenden’s light saber. Judging by the tone of the music coming from Brenden’s piano, little Kiki had that light saber ready for battle.

Enjoy photos of our music student performances, below.

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