MTMS Spring Recitals

On Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th, we had our 3rd Michelle Tuesday Music School Annual Spring Recitals.  The weather turned out beautiful enough that on Saturday, we kept the door open to invite a warm breeze into the lobby of our music school.  Also, our staff decided to give 30 minute recital slots a trial run, and because of their convenience and relaxed feel, they were a smash hit!  Sunday saw more beautiful weather, and we were able to move outside to enjoy the excellent student music performances in the sun (Karen, our receptionist/ photographer caught a few rays while catching candids on her camera!).

Enjoy the photos from the event, below.

2 thoughts on “MTMS Spring Recitals”

  1. This was my first performence in MTMS and I had so much fun!!! the audience was really into it and made me feel very comfortable on the stage!!! :)
    Thank you Ms. Angela and Ms. Carolyn for working together with me on my song, I couldn’t have done it without you guys:)
    XOXO Stephy…

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