MTMS Employee Promotions

Please join me in congratulating the following employees on their recent and/or upcoming promotions:

 Dr. Angela Heck Mueller: Site Manager in Training / Site Manager

Angela is currently in training to serve as the future site manager of the MTMS Gahanna Campus. She will transition into the role of Gahanna Site Manager beginning August 1st of this year.
Carolyn Sigler: Assistant Manager, Training and Curricula
In her new role, Carolyn assumes responsibility for the quality and consistency of our students’ music education. Carolyn will oversee and maintain curricula documentation, develop new curricula, and manage ongoing training for all our educators. In August, Carolyn will also assume leadership of the Gahanna computer lab staff.
Zach Garster: Assistant Manager, Events and Programs
In his new role, Zach assumes responsibility for the planning, promotion and execution of all of our recitals, parties, social events, and other student activities that make coming to MTMS both fun and educational. In August, Zach will also assume leadership of the Gahanna reception staff.
Chris Fredenburg: Finance Manager
Chris will maintain her position as Office Manager for the Gahanna Campus until August 1st, at which point she will transition into the role of Finance Manager for the overall company, including both the existing Gahanna and the upcoming Polaris Campuses.
Karen Charles: Reception Lead
In her new role, Karen assumes responsibility for receptionist training and maintenance of the procedures reception employees use to serve our clients.
We are very excited about these employee promotion and look forward to great things ahead. Please remember to congratulate our employees on their outstanding accomplishments!

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