Michelle Tuesday Music School: Now open!

After many months of hard work and planning, Michelle Tuesday Music School is finally open for business!

Our Grand Opening event was a blast. Congrats to $100 Gift Card winners Ellie McClelland, Alex Urban, Brent Charles, and Victoria Sanders, and to Rock Band Competition winners Michael and Chris Carpenter. We thought it was especially cool that Alex won a Gift Card on her birthday.

Outstanding performances by Oblivion Fire, Dr. Angela Heck, Ashley Fredenburg with Blake Charles, Alexandra “Allie” Hovland, Sapphire Blaze, Dr. Caroline B. Salido, Amber Fredenburg, and Michelle Tuesday with friends Steve Shape, John Wood, and Mike Lantis. Thanks to all of you for offering your time and talent.

Special thanks to: Keith and Robert for feeding the masses without setting the place on fire (ha!); Amber, Ashley, and Sarah for their amazing hostess skills; Abby, Kiersten, Blaine, and Brent for their energy and acrobatics; Gene and Brian for stage setup and sound system operation (and for taking a huge load off of Michelle!); Brian, Brent, and Eliot for running the Rock Band competition; Karen, Eliot, and Rick for their creative photography (we can’t wait to see the pictures); Angela for her flexibility, creativity, and leadership; Mary and Craig for performing all the miscellaneous tasks; Lynn and Rick for their hard work and unfailing support; and especially, our amazing and highly talented Office Manager, Chris Fredenburg. We are very lucky to have her, and we know it.

We also would like to thank Keith, Abby, Chris, Karen, Brian, Blake, Brent, Ashley, Sarah, Michal, Eliot, Tony, Lynn, and Rick for helping us get the school ready for the Grand Opening. We are amazed at the outpouring of love and support we receive from our friends and family. They do it because they want to see us successful, and we don’t plan on letting them down!

Our Grand Opening event was most definitely a team effort and could not have taken place without all of our helpers. Love you all! :-)  To our students: We’ll see you in your lessons, and hopefully at our upcoming Halloween Party on Friday, 10/29. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more event information.

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