Progress Reporting

At Michelle Tuesday Music School, we take your child’s music education seriously. We employ multiple educational methods during the student’s lesson time to teach and reinforce music theory, performance technique, and artistry. We encourage at-home practice so that students may more effectively retain what they’ve learned, and so that they can gain the muscular strength and dexterity to play their instruments well. (A voice counts as an instrument!) And we take steps to monitor the progress of our students.

“My children have been taking private lessons for almost 18 months and each have progressed significantly. Recitals are fun (no stuffy, intimidating programs) and optional.” – Jessica M.

You can monitor your student’s progress through several mechanisms. First, students are expected to perform routinely at recitals and other performance events, and you can expect to see the difficulty level of pieces increasing from one performance to the next. Second, our students take graded tests in our computer lab, which demonstrate proficiency in the concepts taught; students are not permitted to progress to a higher lesson until they have mastered the current lesson, and parents may inquire about their child’s grades at any time. And third, our teachers use MTMS Progress Files (stored on Google Drive and shared with the student or parent) to keep track of student progress in both the computer lab and lesson room.

My son has taken lessons here for a year and a half. The school is great. The staff is friendly and helpful. They do recitals through out the year so you get to see how your child is doing. My son has gained a lot of confidence by doing the recitals. He loves his teacher and has a good time at his lessons. They have the best pricing around and the location is nice.” – Angie G.

Your child’s progress file includes a practice record, which we expect to see completed each week. We recommend that students practice every day. The progress file also includes your child’s weekly homework assignment, and we encourage parents to review the homework assignment and ensure that the student is completing it. And teachers use the progress files to rate student performance on the pieces they are studying, while computer lab attendants report grades for any tests taken (or “games” played) and rate the student’s proficiency at the subject(s) learned that day. Parents are encouraged to use the ratings provided by the teachers and computer lab attendants to monitor their students’ progress in private music lessons.