Music Lab

Education experts agree that students absorb information better when they receive it in a variety of ways. For example, students who hear information presented by a teacher in a classroom after reading it in a book are more likely to retain the information than students who only read the information in a book. Students who see pictures or demonstrations remember information better than those who only hear it in a lecture. And students who actively “do”, such as practicing a musical instrument, are more likely to retain what they’ve learned about playing the instrument than students who simply watch a teacher or someone else doing it.

With all this in mind, Michelle Tuesday Music School caters to educational needs of students by offering music instruction on the instrument with an instructor, time in music lab, and plenty of performance opportunities. The combination of these three services offers maximum learning retention for you or your child.

Experts also agree that students retain more information when it is repeated, and when students have time to reflect on what they have just learned. This is how computer lab reinforces lesson-room learning.

Because of the skills Rebekah has learned in theory lab she has been able to “teach” classmates in her 5th grade music class. Her music teacher is very impressed with her knowledge. I can’t say enough about how much I love this music school and I refer people whenever I can.” – Alisha N.

We offer many different software programs designed to reinforce music theory, ear training and rhythm training learned in the lesson. All the programs cater to different student ages, proficiency levels and instruments learned. Our software programs are self-paced, which allows students the time needed to reflect on and retain what they are learning. Our software also tests and reports student progress, so teachers can see how their students are doing and review difficult concepts during lesson time. And finally, we staff the computer lab with an attendant at all times, who will help you or your child master the lessons, quizzes, games, and assignments they encounter during their lab time, as well as monitor student progress. Please feel free to speak to a computer lab attendant to inquire about your child’s progress at any time, or review their electronic progress record online.

“Trin realizes now what that computer lab did for her now that she’s in High School choir and they get graded on reading notes!” – Jessica N.

At MTMS, standard private lessons (one-on-one lessons with a private instructor) are weekly 40-minute lessons. 20 minutes are spent with the teacher on the instrument, and 20 minutes are spent in computer lab. In the computer lab, our students learn music theory, ear training, and rhythm training with age-appropriate, state-of-the-art, interactive software applications, along with the help of a trained computer lab attendant. If you have any questions about our computer lab or other educational techniques employed by MTMS, please feel free to contact us or stop in for a tour.

“I have been a student at Michelle Tuesday Music School for a year and a half, even before it opened in the studio in Gahanna! I have advanced so far…I can only remember where I started, singing Beauty and the Beast and playing simple finger exercises to singing advanced musical theater and expanding my territory with pop and opera and playing Beethoven. I have been here so long, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I look at myself now compared to a year and a half ago and I am amazed by the advances I’ve made, not only in music but in theory. I love this place and my journey has only just started. I have so much more to learn and am so eager to advance, I love my teachers and look forward to the bright future in music they have promised me.” – Ashley F.