Rock Band Camp 2013, Featuring Youth Rock Band “Bionic Unicorns of Minecraft”

Michelle Tuesday Music School in Gahanna, Ohio held its third annual Rock Band Camp from June 17th through June 21st, with a final concert performance at 2pm on the afternoon of Friday, 6/21/31. Featuring band members Seth, Jacob, Angelina, Amelia, and Faith, the resulting youth rock band dubbed themselves “Bionic Unicorns of Minecraft” and performed a riveting lineup at Friday’s concert that saw the crowd clapping and singing along. Yes, the name was a compromise designed to satisfy the boys and the girls! In the end, everyone loved the band name. The music students, some of whom study music lessons at MTMS and some of whom made their musical debut at this year’s Rock Band Camp, worked and played hard all week long. The students spent the time learning about the history of rock music and the popular artists they covered, posing for a professional photo shoot, writing their bios and crafting their promotional posters, playing games and socializing, making homemade ice cream, and, of course, mastering the set list for their concert, which included:

  • Firework, by Katy Perry
  • Hang on Sloopy, by The McCoys
  • Heart Attack, by Demi Lovato
  • Don’t Stop Believing, by Journey
  • Rumour Has It, by Adele

Throughout the week, our young musicians got to try a variety of instruments, and their concert lineup featured vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, and flute. Every one of our students had the opportunity to play at least two different musical instruments in the show. This eclectic mix of instruments and songs made for great fun for both the performers and the audience alike, and we can’t wait to have the student musicians back again next year. Enjoy photos of MTMS Youth Band, Bionic Unicorns of Minecraft:

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