How can music lessons help your child in school?

It’s almost time for school to start again, and you should consider adding weekly music lessons to your family’s routine. Studies have shown that learning music helps kids with focus, counting skills, and spatial awareness while also unlocking their creativity!

When a child learns a musical instrument, they learn how to use a variety of skills all at once. Learning to read music helps with the alphabet for younger students while it encourages adaptability for older students. Reading music is like learning another language, and it takes time and patience but unlocks a whole new world!

Playing a musical instrument is great for energetic kids. In lessons, kids sit but still get to move. They have to focus on the movement of their fingers, the pace and strength of their breathing, or their internal sense of rhythm, depending on the instrument. For most kids, playing an instrument allows them to “get the wiggles out” by concentrating their movements to make music!

Playing music is great for the anxious child as well. Performing in front of others can be nerve-wracking, but it boosts a child’s confidence in themselves and their abilities. As they get older, they will have an easier time performing music for an audience, and will get more comfortable in front of a crowd. Additionally, many kids thrive under routine and setting a practice schedule encourages self-discipline.

There are tons of musical instruments, so your child is bound to find one that is right for them. Even though the back to school schedule can be a little hectic, consider enrolling your child in lessons today. The benefits will last a lifetime, and will help your child in many different aspects of school.

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Katie Ball, Gahanna Computer Lab Lead

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