Halloween Party and Harry Potter Festival

Mark your calendars for our upcoming Halloween Party and Harry Potter Festival:

  • Harry Potter Festival: Saturday, October 29th at our Polaris campus
  • Halloween Party and Recital (Polaris): Saturday, October 29th
  • Halloween Party and Recital (Gahanna): Sunday, October 30th

Talk to your teacher about choosing a recital piece and signing up to perform at the Halloween Party. As with all of our recitals and performance events, the Halloween Party is free of charge to enrolled students. The Harry Potter Festival is an all-day event with a tuition of $63.95.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Party and Harry Potter Festival”

  1. Alison Keyser wants to do the recital on the 30th. I’m not sure if she talked to David about it.

    1. Amy, Wonderful! Sign-ups begin Monday October 10th. I will email David and let him know. Thanks, ~ K

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