Guest Blogger: Dr. Angela Heck-Mueller

Recently, we decided to give “guest blogging” a go.  Occasionally, you may see entries from guest bloggers about topics of their choice.  Our guest blog’s “maiden voyage blogger” is Dr. Angela Heck-Mueller.  She wanted to share a bit of information on an historical piece of music for flute that may be useful to students who wish to perform it.  And, guess what?  This piece is playable for many of her flute students!  Even if you’re not a flautist, however, the work has been transcribed for other instruments, so this article may still be useful whether you play the flute, clarinet, or even the trombone or tuba.  Here is a note from Angela.
Dear Students, Parents, & Staff,
In July 2008 I published the following article in Flute Talk Magazine.  It was intended as a historical performance guide for Robert Schumann’s Three Romances for Flute and Piano.  This information is not only beneficial to flutists studying the piece, but also to those who choose to learn a transcription on his/her own instrument.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Dr. Angela Heck Mueller


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