Formal Winter Recitals 2013

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Over the weekend of December 20-22, Michelle Tuesday Music School held its annual Formal Winter Recitals. The Friday night Adult-Only Recital was a great success, featuring the ever-improving Advanced Flute Choir under the direction of Dr. Angela Heck Mueller, as well as a debut performance by pianist Jing and a variety of staff performances and audience sing-alongs. The Advanced Flute Choir encored an entertaining version of “Sleigh Ride” featuring a whip slap and sleigh bells, played by guest percussionist Zach Garster who “loves that song.” Jing performed a jazzy “At Last” on the piano, the traditional song by Etta James. We heard impromptu solo vocal performances by flutist Clay, who nailed renditions of “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

On Saturday and Sunday, all of our younger performers wowed their audiences from the big stage at Otterbein University’s Riley Hall, thanks to the generous hospitality of our host, Dr. Amy Chivington. We send our thanks to Dr. Chivington and to Claire Brock for booking the hall and making all the arrangements. MTMS enjoys a fabulous partnership with Otterbein and very much appreciates all their support of the budding young musicians in our community.

The MTMS Formal Winter Recitals saw debut performances and experienced music students alike, as well as ensemble performances by our Flute Choir under the direction of Dr. Heck Mueller, and student bands Gum!, led by instructor David Morckel and The Bottom Line, directed by instructor Jeff Laser and featuring guest singer Hannah Johnson. The audience enjoyed a wide variety of holiday and winter favorites performed by students taking music lessons at MTMS in Gahanna and Polaris. Every single performance was well-polished and professional, and we were very proud of our young musicians, who played a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, violin, cello, saxophone, flute, and voice, and we even enjoyed a duet from two students taking saxophone lessons and trumpet lessons.

Without further ado, enjoy photos from our fourth annual MTMS Formal Winter Recitals.



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