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Current Tuition: $69.95 per month. (Classes meet 50 min each week.)

Our most popular classes! Enroll your 3-to-5-year-old in our preschool music and acting classes where they will learn social skills, following directions, and rudimentary concepts in the arts.

“Ivy was talking all about how she was going to music school today. I had to break her heart and tell her it’s not until Saturday. She loves music school!” – Billie B.

Our preschool music classes offer an opportunity for young children to interact with each other and a teacher, learn academic concepts that follow the Ohio Department of Education Early Learning Content Standards, practice and enhance motor skills, and exercise, all in a controlled, fun, musical learning environment. Your child will be learning, giggling, and singing songs that you will continue to hear at home throughout the week! Children are also exposed to rudimentary drumming, piano, violin and guitar concepts.

“I think the woman who teaches [my daughter’s] pre-school class is TREMENDOUS!  (Possibly also a saint).  She keeps a fair amount of order while letting them still have freedom to be kids.  She doesn’t expect miracles, so they are enjoying playing and just having fun, and I suspect may ALL end up musicians as a result. The kids certainly all seemed to be having fun, and they ARE learning!!  The noise level (because they aren’t yet actually playing the designated notes most of the time) is high, hence my comment that she may be a saint – or at least NOT prone to headaches!  Anyway, kudos to all of you for running such a first-rate establishment!” – Daphne V.